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Corporate Video is a broad term denoted for the VIDEO that are commissioned by the Corporates for promotional, Sales, Training, Advisory or any other internal or external Communication purpose. Corporate video attract people rapidly than the other medium, because it’s easy to understand, less time consuming & reflect your message in more convenient way. Generally, these VIDEO are not meant for mainstream broadcasting and are showcased on company’s website, or through video e-mailer, messaging and Youtube posts.

STEPS: A typical corporate video production has the following stages –
a. Pre-production: Budgeting, Scripting, Story Boarding.
b. Production: Filming with camera & production Crew members and Director involving actors, if required.
c. Post-production: Editing the footage, Voice Over Recording, Music Composition, Graphic & 2D/3D Animation Development, etc.

BENEFITS: In the present digital technological world of mobile internet devices (hand phones, smart phones, tablets, etc.) corporate VIDEO are primarily produced for websites to reach a wider audience in the most cost efficient manner.

PRICE: Depending upon the input involved (pre-production, shooting days, no. of crew members needed, graphic development, editing, etc.) a typical Corporate Video could cost anything from a few thousand Rupees to the 6 and, at times, even 7 figure amount.


A Corporate Film is a powerful medium that enables organizations to communicate their business story to its customers, both external & internal, via, buyers, resellers, investors, communities, employees, etc. It is an aesthetic compilation of company’s history, background, team, product/service, unique preposition, infrastructure, facilities, achievements, contact details and other important information that help the company to market its product and services.

BENEFITS: Higher retention of the presented information.
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Unlike Corporate FILM where usually a voice over leads the story, in Trade Show FILM the message is communicated through the visuals and rich graphics/text matters with catchy music pieces. Trade Show FILM are specifically produced for events with usually large public gatherings, like trade shows and expos where there is not much control over the ambience sound. These FILM can also be displayed in the office reception/lobby areas to give an overall orientation about the corporate house to the walk in visitors.

BENEFITS: Effective communication in a noisy environment.
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*Please ask for package deal of Corporate Film & Trade Show DVD


In a scenario of training the employees of large organizations, organizations with employees sitting at multiple locations and/or jobs that require repeated training in different batches on a regular interval (Retail Sector, Construction Sector, Service Sector, etc.), a consistent repeated and memorable message is required to reach the audience with one voice. Here, training VIDEO are excellent solution to enable you to get a precise and standard training content which is not only more engaging but also leaves lasting impressions on the minds of the trainees.

Thanks to the modern technological advancements, a cost efficient dissemination of the training VIDEO can be easily organized by circulating it through DVDs/ Pen drives or hosting the same on a web based staff intranet.

BENEFITS: Just imagine an overall cost in setting up a training event for 10-50 staffs and again delivering the same training to another 20 batches at different occasions/locations. Here, creating an informative custom training video is the best solution as it will be more effective, efficient, disruption free and yet precise to all the viewers.
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Product Demonstration FILM, popularly known as Product Demo FILM are an integral part of any marketing strategy, whether it is for a consumer durable product, electronics, machinery or a food item. It helps demonstrate the product’s features and benefits to the potential customer in an engaging manner in hopes of getting them to purchase that item. These VIDEO are equally helpful in demonstration new products as well as new versions of already existing products.

BENEFITS: Effectively demonstrate the problem and the solution, simultaneously and prompt buying decisions.
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Video can be the most powerful way to demonstrate someone how to do something. In an industrial setting HOW TO VIDEO can be a very effective tool to demonstrate/train someone in learning the step by step functionality of an equipment or a machine.

BENEFITS: : A time saving tool that can also be utilized as a Training Manual.
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Giving back to the community has become a key factor in the modern business practices. Your customers and stake holders are interested in how you do the business. CSR FILM are a great way to engage your existing as well as potential customers to showcase the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of your company.

BENEFITS: These easy to share VIDEO act as a very economical Online PR tool for the organizations.
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Events, exhibitions and product launches are emerging as a innovative way to market businesses & products, and when they do well another opportunity emerges in letting the world know about it. Event VIDEO produced around these shows are a great opportunity to share the same excitement and synergy with your followers. Professional videography of such events along with the interviews of the eminent guests combined together into a HD quality edited VIDEO with branded graphics and music helps transmit the same energy afterwards.

• Conference / Seminars
• Workshops / Training events
• Road Shows / Trade Shows
• Annual Meetings
• Award Ceremonies / Award Show
• Music Festivals / Concerts
• Fashion Shows
• Live streaming only events… and virtually anything else can be translated into an event video.

BENEFITS: Event FILM can be emailed directly or broadcast via Youtube and other public streaming sites. They are great marketing & PR cum visual documentation tool for future references.
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Electronic Press Kit or PR Video is a new age media opportunity for promoting the PR story. Video sharing sites like Youtube.com, Vimeo.com, etc. are an excellent platform to establish a communication channel with the audience and create the PR buzz because people today expect more visual stimulation. VIDEO are often an excellent way to raise awareness around news and announcements since nothing is as personal and human as VIDEO.

BENEFITS: Video is more authentic and engaging content that helps generate more creative story ideas among the Reporters and Bloggers. Also, if the content is good they may share the video with their followers by embedding the same in the blog posts.
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In any organization, Induction program is a routine affair to communicate the specific rules of the organization to the new employees and often the message/organization’s rules & regulations are similar for all. In this case an Induction Video can offer a more engaging, effective, efficient and yet precise communication option.

BENEFITS: Reduced induction program time.
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Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) is a great concern for employees in any industrial setting. Proper orientation regarding the possible issues helps create a healthy environment for all. A well demonstrated video to tackle any emergency situation is always better to guide them step by step action and resolve the matter.

BENEFITS: : More effective and efficient communication tool.
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Modern retail has brought great deal of competition and reconfirmed the old marketing saying “jo dikhta hai, wohi bikta hai”. Retail Showcase Video enhances the opportunity to communicate the latest arrivals, new schemes and other product/service features from a single point. From hospitality to healthcare and from lifestyle products to home furnishing, it has power to benefit all.

BENEFITS: Prompt buying decisions.
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“Making of” is a new way of publicity and promotion of FILM, theatres, events or any social, commercial or corporate projects. A complete follow up coverage of the whole event, involving special events, occasions, bytes of important people are done, from start to finish. This footage is later on compiled into a series of high quality VIDEO, as per the requirement of Marketing & PR teams. In the current web based economy these unconventional VIDEO create great hype around the project.

BENEFITS: : Unconventional media to in cash great PR opportunity.
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Any video that spread rapidly through sharing over internet, Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Tweeter, Whatsapp, etc.), reposted to blogs and emails is called Viral Video. They often contain humorous or any unusual content or act. Commercial mileage can be sought out by smartly designing video content of mass appeal with marketing message to raise brand awareness.

• Universal Appeal
• Short & Simple
• Emotional Content
• Actionable
• Identifiable

BENEFITS: Free distribution and promotion.
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Property Tour VIDEO are very powerful tool in the real estate and property advertising. It acts as a simulator to a real-life visit to the location and can serve buyers from across larger distances. From 2 minutes to any length, depending upon the size of the property, these VIDEO can be produced with whatever details required. The information about the surrounding areas of the property can also be incorporated, if the target audiences are from a greater distance.

BENEFITS: : Prompt buying decisions.
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